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Dual Session: 1st October - 22nd October

Session 1: 1st October - 11th October

Session 2: 12th October - 22nd October

Session 3: 23rd October - 1st November

Work on the halfpipe begins long before the cooler weather descends on the Swiss Alps in autumn. An extensive snow farming process takes place in May to ensure that the snow that will be used in the pipe walls has been processed correctly and is suitable for shaping.


The final build takes place once the temperature drops on the glacier in September, creating a halfpipe that mimicks conditions typically found during the winter months. Based in Laax during the winter, industry-leading halfpipe shaper Jeremy Carpenter will once again be leading the build and also maintaining the pipe throughout the sessions.


The halfpipe will run approximately 150m (500 feet) in length and be located next to the slopestyle park, while the airbag and pipe spine will be positioned at the bottom of the halfpipe and will be available to all session participants.

  • 9 or 18-day lift pass

  • Exclusive access to the private pro line

  • Exclusive access to the private halfpipe

  • Access to the slopestyle rail lines

  • Photos and footage uploaded to Dropbox

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