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Session 1 Dates: 5th October - 16th October 2019

Session 2 Dates: 17th October - 25th October 2019

The construction of the halfpipe begins in early May with snow farming to ensure enough snow is available for use; the build process takes place once the temperature drops on the glacier in September. This is to ensure that the snow going into the walls has been processed properly and is of high quality. Using this method, we can provide a product that mimics the conditions that are typically found in a winter halfpipe.

The 22ft pipe will run approximately 150m in length and be located directly alongside the park. Participants will also have access to the rest of our park offerings should they feel like mixing things up for a day or two.

Important note: We've brought Session 2 forward by a week to ensure that the maximum amount of sunlight hits the glacier during the day. This means that snow conditions will be very similar to those that are present in Session 1, but the shorter session length makes this an attractive offering for anyone who might be limited on time but still wants to ride park perfection.


  • Exclusive access to the private pipe and airbag.

  • Exclusive access to the pro jump line.

  • Access to the public park medium jump line.

  • Access to The Stomping Grounds rail lines.

  • 7, 10 or 17 day lift pass.

  • Daily photos and footage uploaded to your personal Dropbox folder by our media team.

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